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Astrology is a branch of science that can predict the events on earth and in human lives based on the theories of Astronomy, which is India’s greatest contribution to the world of science. The practice of Astrology dates back to the Vedic period. Astrology warns us of the auspicious and inauspicious times and events in our life. The remedial rites and rituals is a very important part of Astrology. The Astrologers who are proficient in both predictions and remedial rites can eradicate the misfortunes in your life.

Astrologer Jineesh, who acquired his astrological knowledge and the practice of remedial rites through generations, not only unearths the causes and reasons of your misfortunes, but also solves them through appropriate remedial rites and rituals (Poojas).

Astrology - the Science of Predictions, the Science of Remedies


Astrologer Jineesh is the distinguished disciple of Kalarikkal Padmanabha Panickar, a renowned astrologer of Kerala, the God’s Own Country. He hails from the tradition of Kothakandam Muthappan, a family of astrologers famed for their magical as well as divine powers. His ancestor Kothakandam Muthappan was the royal astrologer of the then princely ruler of Punnathoor. Astrologer Jineesh is equally proficient in astrological predictions as well as doing the remedial rites (Poojas). This proficiency in both theory and practice is what makes Jineesh different from fellow astrologers in Kerala.

In a short span of time, this young astrologer has earned the trust and patronage of a large number of people from India as well as abroad. Their honest testimonials are telling examples of the astrological and divine prowess of Jineesh. He has earned his name and fame for his impeccable knowledge of astrology by uncovering the underlying causes and reasons of your problems, and doing the appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

If you are affected by unfavourable circumstances in life or tormented by chronic diseases, if you are leading a troubled life, if you are facing matrimonial obstacles, troubled married life, family problems, impediments in education, employment problems, obstructions in going abroad, setbacks in business, harrowing litigations, misfortunes of horoscope, troubles due to wayward sons and daughters, childlessness, loss of wealth and prosperity, evil times, vasthu doshas, mental problems, loss of interest in studies and jobs, laziness, etc., you can approach Astrologer Jineesh, irrespective of your caste and religion, for not only knowing the causes and reasons of your misfortunes but also to do the remedial rites.

Special Homa
soecial homa of Guruvayur Astrologer

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The remedial rites (Poojas) conducted by Astrologer Jineesh
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